A Starting Point

So being new to all this Blogging business, I thought I would start by blogging about Blogging, which I’m certain is incredibly original for a Blogger virgin (yeah right!).

I’m informed by very reliable, professional sources that Blogging is a useful tool to get ‘wanna be Authors’ ‘Out There’. I’m going to take a leap and assume that ‘There’ is the WHOLE world, which is quite intimidating to be fair!!

But then there’s the conundrum of appropriate subject matter, Should this be an 18 rated Blog or a PG??

Either way this concept fascinates me, I’m not a technophobe by any means I’m all for technology but to me this is just an extension of how we started off at school, we’d commandeer  a spare exercise book whilst the teacher wasn’t looking the day he or she was handing out brand new ones on the first day of term and we’d each take it in turns to take it home and write something over night, passing it to the next person in the group the next day, what we had by the end of the term was the most amazing book of gossip and confessions money just couldn’t buy and then low and behold some smart ass went viral with it and made tones of dosh.

Yo Mr Zuckerberg, me and my friends were Facebooking before you were born, just with the mighty pen and stolen paper!

But seriously, I’m sure the book of truth, now 20 years old would hold little interest for my readers but what would? What do you want to read about? I checked out a few Blogs to try and get a feel of what’s out there and actually discovered something about myself, I’m so Nosey, honestly, (a fact I already knew of course!) but obsessively nosey! The really weird thing was I didn’t really care what these complete strangers did with their day but found myself compelled to keep reading. After I managed to drag myself away I wondered why we (human beings) find other peoples lives more fascinating than our own.

My normal working day consists of, sitting down at my desk and working solidly till I leave, but during that 8 hours when I’m well into auto pilot mode, I’m thinking about other peoples lives, I wonder what other people do for a living, if they have a living, what those people who don’t work get up to in there spare time, I even start thinking about fictional peoples lives, I wonder if James Bond goes on holiday or if Clark Kent is kicking back with a Scotch on the rocks with his ear plugs in and finally when I get bored of that I start completely inventing fictional people and build a fictional life for them and it’s at that point that the moment I get home I start to type and it doesn’t bother me that this fictional person, with there fictional life in a fictional world I’ve created is completely taking over my own reality because this world of fiction is limitless and I’ve come to the conclusion that’s why other peoples lives fascinate me so much because no matter how interesting or mundane other peoples little anecdotes may seem, they’re transferable, adaptable, working, limitless sources of inspiration. Inspiration I crave to create my own fictional world and what do I do with this fictional world? I turn it in to a story and how successful that ends up being will depend up on you guys.

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