Valentine and Mortgages

Well I guess I’d be a complete idiot to miss a blogging opportunity like Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day, Bar Humbug! What a load of tripe. Now believe it or not I’m not one of those single cynics who can’t find love, so don’t believe in love and therefore the 14th February is the most depressing day of the year. I’m in a happy, healthy relationship of 7 years (I know I’m one of the lucky ones) but seriously people the 14th February is just another day, I used to rant that it was one of those days invented by greeting card manufactures to make money (Yes, I at one stage jumped on that band wagon!) I mean you have cards for everything nowadays, what happened to the good old fashioned days to celebrate, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas and maybe Valentine’s day 20 years ago when it really was still romantic? Now you can get cards from your pets! I’ve even seen congratulations on your divorce. Maybe, actually they should have a small promotion of those on February the 14th along with a few razor blades and some footstools and washing line!!! Next I’m going to start seeing “Congratulations on your new high Angry Birds Score”, “Well Done knocking out your boss”, “Good Luck with your Murder Trial” Seriously it’s getting a little ridiculous. Besides why do you need one day a year to spoil and tell that one special person in your life you love them, do you not tell them this every day? Have you not wondered past a shop window seen something you know you’re partner would love and spontaneously brought it to surprise him/her? True love is surely 24/7 365 days a year is it not?

We spent our Valentine’s Eve night consulting a Mortgage Broker, “How thrilling” you cry, I hear the sarcasm in your tone people. Now I must say I consider this quite well timed, how romantic can you get, purchasing your first home together, how sickenly cute, right? WRONG!! It’s one big headache after another and they want to know everything about you, How much you earn, Where you work? How long you have been in your current job? Do you have credit cards? Do you prefer Cadbury’s or Galaxy? What’s your Bra size? Bath or shower? and then it’s what sort of mortgage are you looking for? I Have NO IDEA that’s what you’re for. So at the end of our little consultation my tiny little pea size intellect has decided to think of types of Mortgages as an X factor audition, in my head I can hear Simon Cowell and his dream smashing tone “Interest Only you’re just not good enough to play in the big league’s I’m sorry but there it is” but wait a minute in walks Fixed “I like you, you have potential but you’re too consistent, you play it save week after week” And as Simon sighs because he believes he’ll never find his new pot of gold in walks Variable “You’ve really got something special, you’re different, you’re not afraid to change it up, I think I’ll take a risk with you, you’re through to the next stage” Now to me Different translates as Fickle, and when a professional thinks something isn’t good enough to play in the big league then people really should listen because it’s normally true and I want to know what’s wrong with being safe anyway? If I purchase a brand I like and know, it’s because I know it’s going to do its job well, why would I then spontaneously decide to try something new at a more expensive price, I like risks don’t get me wrong but the kind that involve jumping off bridges at the age of 15 in to the river with your mates, or going for that promotion that you know you’ll never get in a million years but what the hell. I think taking risks with your money and your future is incredibly stupid and a waste of time but hey that’s just me!!

So our Valentine’s will be spent being sensible and weighing up our options, oh there might be a glass of wine involved and yes I will conform and at least purchase a card!!!!

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