Decisions, Decisions

I intensely dislike Decision making, there are three types of Decision making, the type that I make that effect me, the type I make that effect other people and the type that are made for me that I have no control over, like declining my offer on a house, then declining my raised offer on a house, personally I think this decision was manipulated by a third party, which would be the estate agent or as I have enjoyed re-naming them Hell Hounds. Third party manipulators should really be extinct by now I mean can’t people make decisions for themselves anymore, I thought the world had grown wise to the manipulative techniques of advertising and product placement and certainly to the transparent ways of sales people, clearly I’m mistaken.

I must confess I’m being incredibly hypercritical I hate decisions, actually I hate the decisions that affect other people, I don’t want the responsibility mainly because people never really want you to make decisions for them, they’re just being polite and the moment they get home they’re bitching about you to their partner, “Oh Kerry’s so bossy and demanding” so I just don’t do it I just sit there quietly and go with the flow, I’m not a boat rocker I’m a keep the peace kind of girl!

But this evening I find myself frustrated with different decisions, my bloody book cover, I’m on the seventh version and every time I think it’s perfect I’ll look at the finished article and decide I don’t like the font, then I can’t decide what font I do like, then I don’t like the title, now this is the first time in seven attempts I’ve decided I don’t like the title, Why? What on earth prompted me to make that decision, have I temporarily lost my mind? I wish, at least I’d have an explanation and in questioning the  title I question the image which leads me back to having to supply the designer with all new criteria, which means a whole new set of decisions, I HATE decisions and these are making my eyes googly and my head hurt. If you look up Decision Making in Wikipedia, amongst all the random science stuff is a sentence which says “Every decision making process produces a final choice” Are they serious? It just leads to more decisions and more choices, colours, fonts, sizes, images, text, where to put the bar code, why isn’t it simple? I thought putting an offer on a house was simple but No because the Hell Hounds play mind games with you which ultimately forces more choices and therefore you need to make more decisions but how do you know you’re making the right decision? How do I know that by telling the Hell Hounds to “Get lost you must be joking I’m not paying that” we haven’t just lost our dream home and how do I know by changing the title of my book and the cover image that my readers will hate it instead of love it?

I guess in the end decision making is about taking risks and taking risks are about living life. You should get yourself back on to Wikipedia and check out their definition of Risk and look out for the sentence “Almost any human endeavour carries some risk, but some are much more risky than others.” This made me chuckle, really No Way you don’t say but with all sarcasm aside it’s true, I’m taking a risk the moment I get up in the morning and I love it! So I will change the title and I may even change the image I may even get them all together and post them and you guys can decide either way I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy taking the risky decisions, give it a go you might surprise yourself, just don’t blame me if it back fires!!!

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