Books And Power Ballards

Good Books are a bit like power ballads you either love them and jump around your kitchen singing along into a whisk air grabbing every chance you get (Never done this!) or you hate them to the point where you want to throw your stereo out the window when you hear one. It’s like anything a piece of art, a movie a TV show, poetry oh and Marmite (Hate It by the way!). These sorts of things are an acquired taste and people know what they like. I’m not delusional enough to believe that every person who picks up my book and manages to make it to the end will enjoy it or like it and I completely respect that. My issue is with the people who go on and on about something, lets take art as an example when I was little a good piece of art was a Constable replica! Maybe a Monet or two, do you know what I mean, basically traditional paintings. When I was in my late teens I took an interest in the art world, in fact by then I took an interest in anything creative, art, theatre, dance, writing, acting, singing and I know a lot of these type of people (people looking for inspiration) anyway I was fortunate to see part of the Saatchi collection in ’98 and got interested in Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst and I remember the controversy they caused in the papers and the on going debate as what constitutes as art. Well it was the same principle you either liked it because you got it or you hated it because you didn’t understand it, what I don’t get is why there’s no common middle ground where even if its not your thing you can respect it and the effort that went in to it by the creator of that piece. Like I said I know my own creative piece won’t please everyone but there’s 7 billion people in this world someone’s going to like it.

So the reason for my little observation of people’s opinion of the creative world is, well you’ve probably guessed it by now, my proof has finally arrived, that’s right, I hold in my hand a physical copy of my first novel which I can tell you is very exciting, now like any creative process I have to sift through it highlighting all the errors still left and it occurs to me, I wonder how these creative types really react to their reviews, I wonder if after so many trial runs and proofs and planning I wonder how it feels to them to see their finished article. Do they agree with all the bad press, do they sit there and wonder if they should’ve gone in a different direction, with all the different opinions and tastes in the world how do you really know you did the right thing for you??

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