Lacking in Virtue

So my proof finally arrived!! It has now been all read and checked and amendments made and mistakes corrected now I’m back to waiting. HATE waiting, I’m told patience is a virtue, one I’m clearly lacking in. It’s weird I have no writing to do the house stuff is moving along nicely it’s like being on Annual Leave, I’m pretty sure that’s probably the point of the weekend!! So I’m attempting to do weekend type things. So I’ve gone for a run (nearly killed me, it gets easier right?), visited the family, which, I have to say has provided me with amazing material if I ever decide to write a comedy, take my sister for example, she spent her Friday night in the Emergency Department and walked out with crutches after she chased after a shop lifter at work and managed to fall down a flight of stairs, seriously she is the most accident prone, clumsy person you’ll meet, she also enjoys falling off ladders, falling over and into large boxes and somehow cutting herself on coat hangers. You’re probably all thinking now how evil I am to find my sisters misfortunes hilarious! It’s the way she tells the story folks, she should be on the stage!!! Maybe I’ll ask if she wants to write a blog for me!!! Anyway I now find myself chilling out with a nice bottle of something fruity and a DVD and although this all probably sounds nice and relaxing I feel frustrated that my mind still won’t settle, I want to be holding my finished product in my hands Now Now Now!! It was such a thrill just to hold the proof copy even now I’m sat here starring at it, admiring how pretty it looks even though I’m still undecided about the cover but I think like any creative process you’ll always be correcting and amending but it’s only you that knows there’s a problem.

So this weekend to pass the time my theme is going to be discover something new, I’ve already discovered a new TV programme, Whitechapel, admittedly I’ve caught on three years too late but nevertheless have enjoyed season one.

So the above was yesterday, as you might have guessed. So today still continuing with the theme of something new, I have every intention of completing the following, discovering a new colour for the lounge wall of the new house, discovering new music, love discovering new sounds, discovering a new book I don’t think I’ve actually got around to reading anything for months and of course I would love to discover a new video game. I don’t believe I’ve shared my little obsession of gaming with you guys yet, so just to clarify I LOVE it, it’s my own little escape, it’s like writing, you can just lose yourself in another world you can even re-load from the last check point if you missed something or messed up, again just like writing where you can delete and re-write (something I’m now quite familiar with!!)

I’d love to say I go out of my way to discover something new every day but I think the sad reality is there just isn’t the time anymore maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world there’s not enough time? Not enough time to do, see and experience everything you would like so this is why I’ve decided to utilising my waiting times by using it to discover something new. Fingers crossed this goes to plan and if you’ve got any ideas or recommendations let me know!!!

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