Day Of Rest

Sunday, the day of rest… How wrong they are, there’s no rest here. As I continue my little adventure to become an author it is quite apparent that there will be no rest, which is fine as the end result is bound to be rewarding.

So yesterdays little outing was rather productive, I investigated book shops and purchased various magazines and general stuff to help me in my quest for good, cheap advertising ideas and then this morning I find out that I need to deal with some formatting issues for the ebook version of The Break. This sounded simple enough in theory but in fact it took me and my better half! around three hours, I now officially have square eyes but now at least all formatting errors have been corrected, I even popped a copy on my iPod touch it looks pretty cool well worth the time!!!

Meet Lillian The Attention Seeker

So now my waiting checklist looks something like this: Waiting for paperback to go live, waiting for ebook to go live, waiting for copies of paperback to send with press packs and in the meantime I’m trying to give this Facebook fan page malarkey a go. Maybe it’s my age but so far I think I’m making it all a lot more complicated than it needs to be and unless I’m going mad I’m sure Facebook pages never used to look like this one does at the moment, so I’m either doing something drastically wrong or they have actually up dated something or other!!!

What’s also annoying is one of my cats keeps trying to get my attention by Vogueing, she does this quite often, couldn’t tell you why it’s not like she doesn’t get spoilt rotten but as her technique seems to work I’ve been trying to think of ways to adapt it for book advertising purposes but I’m pretty sure if I started rolling around on the floor I will either be committed or arrested so this will be a last resort!!

No Blossom here!

Although I have needed to question my sanity a few times this weekend, it’s amazing how wrapped up in the whole book process I’ve been. Only today I realised there was blossom on the trees, how long has blossom been out? last time I paid any attention there was snow on the ground! I think whilst researching for the best marketing ideas I also need to set aside some time to start doing real things again before I become a third Tron movie!!!!!

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