Book Merchandise… Now there’s an odd concept!

Well I did it, I created a Book trailer and I still haven’t decided if the world will ever see it!! Now as a piece of tacky, retro looking, throw away experiment it’s pretty cool if you like that sort of thing!!! The images were pretty easy, it was finding the right piece of music that was the trick and I have spent endless hours listening to the most random Royalty Free tracks I’ve ever heard in my life!! But it’s all been rather good fun!! But it got me thinking about other Book promotions and I started contemplating the world of merchandise not that I’m thinking about going down that route I just mean in general and how, unless a book has been made in to a movie you don’t see any merchandise for really good books. Why is that? I’ve personally got Harry Potter merchandise coming out my ears, I also have some really cool Lord of the Rings Merchandise but these products weren’t around until someone decided to transfer them from page to screen (were they?) I mean you never see groovy little action figures for latest John Grisham or Chess Sets for the new Jeffrey Deaver, a video game based on the new James Herbert Why not? OK so maybe not the action figures and chess sets for certain authors but there are other merchandising products that would be more suitable and obviously it would depend on the books narrative. We have to be subjected to cheesy book trailers and even huge advertisements on the side of Buses why not Merchandise? Maybe it’s because it would be a little too geeky and if we were seen in public with an Alex Cross embossed brief case on the bus we’d get beaten up?! But just thought I’d ask before I start designing T-Shirts and Flip Flops (Just Kidding!!!!)

So anyway, let me know if you want to see the trailer if there’s enough demand I may subject myself to the inevitable humiliation, which to be fair I’m kind of used to by now!!! Oh and in case you didn’t know the whole of the first Chapter is up on The Break Book Site if you fancied a read?!

3 thoughts on “Book Merchandise… Now there’s an odd concept!

  1. I desperately want to do this for my next book. I know it will help me get some more traffic toward my site and hopefully readership. One way to create a royalty free track is to make one in Garageband for Mac. You can add all kinds of instruments and make a smarmy background track for free. Worth trying.

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