The Arc’s are Here!!!

Two posts in one day. Now you’re getting spoilt!!! Actually this one will be incredibly short I just wanted to share my news with you all! My Advanced Reader copies of my book arrived today which means I can start sending off the press packs as of Monday morning! Until then they’re being well Guarded as you can see, even I can’t get near them!! I have to admit I’m impressed with delivery they’ve arrived in really good time considering they’ve flown in from the US, I wasn’t expecting them until the Middle of April to coincide with the release which should, hopefully be the end of April (Fingers and Toes crossed pleased!) so it’s all looking rather Groovy!

Oh I decided to try my luck with the Book Trailer, I posted it on my Facebook page feel free to have a ganders, drop me a comment, “Like” it if you want!!! If it seems to be something people enjoy I might try my hand at something a little better and pop it on You Tube!!

2 thoughts on “The Arc’s are Here!!!

  1. That’s so cool that you enjoyed it, thank you very much, I had so much fun making it, I mainly kept grinning like a lunatic!!! And it was so much easier than I thought, I just used Windows Movie Maker and once I had all the compontents I needed it didn’t take me that long, it was the timing of all the shots with the backing track that was the longest part for me. Thank you again!

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