Why Should Today Be Any Different

I normally Blog midweek and just because it’s my Birthday I wasn’t going to not, in fact it’s more of a reason to post I think, so welcome to my Birthday Blog!!

I guess this year I have a few pretty groovy things to celebrate the most important being my book, The Break (just in case you’d forgotten!!!!).

You know when people say crazy things in job interviews or your annual appraisal like “So, Where do you see yourself in five years time?” Well I think birthdays are a little like that, I don’t know about you guys but I always get to a birthday and think, right what have I done with the last year or by the time I’m whatever age I want to have done this. What’s strange is on my birthday last year I didn’t do that at all, I made no expectations of the coming year as I was to busy exerting negative energy about the previous year. So now here I am a year later and loving the fact that I feel like I’ve achieved something. When I first sat down to write The Break, I didn’t dare assume I would actually see it printed but I have, I certainly never expected it to be available to buy around the world in paperback and as an eBook but it will be by the end of April, so all in all it’s been a pretty AWESOME Year and so the next will be pretty hard to top! Although I’ve been so busy of late today just seemed to have crept up out of nowhere I sent the first wave of my press packs yesterday including the ARC’s that arrived at the weekend put the finishing touches to the formatting of the paperback so now, hopefully, the front matter doesn’t look like the Printing Machine had been knocking back a few Jack Daniels, (Although hopefully I will be shortly!). Now, though I’m back to waiting again but I’m good at that now and have adopted a waiting plan, it consists of read as many books as you can!! I spent Sunday reading the Hunger Games, which I must say I thought was pretty cool, I hope it smashes the pants off Twilight at the box office (Not a Twilight fan can you tell??!!) but I think I’m going to wait for the crowds to die down before venturing to the Cinema to watch it. Unless any of you guys have already seen it and think I shouldn’t bother???

Well after enjoying a Birthday Chinese take away and getting a very relevant fortune cookie I just thought I’d pop something down for you guys, after all it’s you that’s helping this little project along for which I thank you for. So don’t forget to pop along to my Facebook page and check out the trailer or over to The Break book site for the first chapter.

Thanks again and I’ll be sure to raise a few glasses of Jack for you all!

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