Aren’t Bank Holiday’s Meant To Be Relaxing??

So The Easter Holidays are here! And for me it means my first full week off work since Christmas and it was supposed to be a nice happy relaxing week. It’s only a matter of Weeks until the release of The Break (OMG I’m releasing a Book!) and we were going to go furniture shopping ready to move in to our house but NO, that will not be the plan because the Hell Hounds (see Decisions, Decisions) called up on Tuesday to advise the seller is pulling out, so our Good Friday will not be Good at all and I will now be re-naming it Stressful Mad House Hunting Friday (OR SMHH) from here on in!! Yet as we are a firm believe of everything happens for a reason, I can’t really stay too angry about it (I think I’m trying to convince myself of this more than you guys!!!!)

On the plus side this whole experience has been great for my new little writing venture! I guess drawing on real life experience really does help, especially with the writers block, it’s not so much the experience or situation itself it’s more the emotions and reactions the situation provokes in people. Let’s take the Hell Hounds for example, they’re in a difficult situation by having to tell the buyers (Us) that the seller (Evil Wicked Witch) is pulling out but what do they do? they fill you full of complete and blatantly obvious BS which they have been doing now for two whole weeks. One of my Villains is now based on said Hell Hound for his blatant lack of respect and arrogance. Maybe my next writing project should be a “How not to get screwed over by estate agents whilst buying your first home”!!!

Anyway with all the house drama aside it’s still going to be pretty cool to have some decent time to sit and write and work on my new project whilst I’m waiting for The Break to go live across all formats so in the end the stress is always replaced with excitement!

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