Who????What book????

I know I’ve been a little radio silent this last week I won’t bore you with the details but it’s been MENTAL!!!!

Needless to say because of my crazy week there hasn’t been much time for writing but I have to say taking a break from my current project has been some what refreshing. I never really understood authors who get books out really quickly one after the other but I think, especially now, it’s easy to feel like you should rush a second book. Not intentionally rush it because there’s a particular demand for it but because you can get so caught up in its momentum and in the excitement of wanting to complete the story, do you know what I mean? As you know by now there is a sequel on the horizon to The Break and I have already been asked by a few people when can they expect it but after my little week of no writing I’ve decided I’m going to take my time with it, I’d like to develop my characters in to memorable people and that won’t happen if all I’m focused on is how quickly I can finish.

Everyone has characters that stay with them, when I was little and was naughty my mother would tell me I was as naughty as Amelia Jane from the Enid Blyton books (I loved those books) as a teenager it was all about The Hardy Boys or the Point Horror series and through my 20’s there were too many to keep count but every book I read at least one character would stay with me, someone to relate to, someone you could compare others to, when my sister was little she was so Hermoine Granger it used to freak me out! You could have the most amazing narrative with the most surprising twists but if your characters are boring then it doesn’t even matter.

So if my little break has taught me anything, it’s taught me to look more closely at my characters, it’s not that I ignored this key element to story telling in my first book but because of the nature of the story these people are thrown together pretty quickly and have to deal with the situation the best way they know how but now the sequel will show them, hopefully in a little more depth and explain why they behaved the way they did in the beginning…… Well that’s the plan!!!

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