A 5K Run for The C Word

Well I did it people, I participated in The Race For Life 5k charity run at Burleigh House in Stamford and I was so not prepared for it. I was certainly not prepared for it Physically, I manged four weeks worth of training in January, sat on my ass in February, managed a week in March and April and doubled my body weight in the first two weeks in May, yep I managed to put on more weight for the Run but it didn’t matter nobody cared how fit you are, whether you ran, jogged or walked we were all there to take part in something so overwhelming I can say in all honesty I was certainly not prepared for it mentally and emotionally. Thousands of women from across the county all brought toghther by one cause because everyone had in some way been touched by Cancer. That’s right the big ‘C’ word, everyone thinks it, everyone worries about it but nobody dares talk about it because if you ignore it maybe it’ll go away, maybe it’s not happening to you or your family member or your friend or your friends family member but it IS very real. An announcement was made that a lady particpating today had just had the all clear on Friday, this sent goosebumps running down my spine and tears well up in my eyes, I don’t know this lady but I felt so happy for her good news I wished I could find her and give her a hug, instead I participated in the run to show my support.

The course itself was a test of indurance the ground uneven, windy and hilly but it wasn’t about who finished first, who was in the running, jogging or walking group people laughed and people cried there way around and it was the most fun and the most eye opening experience I think I’ve had, 3000 women, a sea of pink to beat Cancer.

For all you UK guys I would urge you to find your nearest Race For Life event today and sign up, it’s the best thing you will ever do.

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