The Sun = Bad For Writing

The Sun, the ultimate distraction from writing and along with cake is a weakness of mine. Here in the UK we have been lucky enough to actually have a sunny weekend, which has meant we have spent every waking sunny moment in the garden and taking the laptop with me just was not practical, it was melting in the heat and I could barely see the screen to type it was so bright, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!! The thing is when the weather is nice you have to take advantage of it because as we all know British weather is notoriously unpredictable and within a matter of an hour it could well be raining or hailing again.

It is quite amusing because it seems every British citizen has the same idea about the weather because without fail the first sign of any heat/sun people are out in there board shorts, yep even me, the problem with this is my legs haven’t seen any sunlight for around nine months of the year so wondering around in shorts means you better be wearing your shades if you’re anywhere near me because that bright sun is going to reflect straight off them and blind you!!!! Then you get the people who flock to the nearest beach, now unfortunately if you live in the area of the UK I do, then the term beach is used very loosely, to me when someone says I’m going to the beach it conjures images of golden sands, beautiful sunshine, warm, clear water you can swim in and still see the bottom when its 20 foot deep. Not around here, firstly what should be a forty minute drive turns into four hours as the entire county flocks to the coast on a day like today and clear water, forget it, your feet go missing underneath a sheet of murky dark brown after 20cm never mind 20 feet and that beautiful coastal sea air, replace that with a strong smell of gone off fish and sewage and you have our closest beach, so the garden it was for two days of bliss!!!
Naturally my new found time management skills went out the window, in fact Saturday pretty much looked like this: 7am Got Up, 7:45am took the better half to work, 8:15am Came home did the housework, 10am went to see Sis, 11am went to Bro’s house, 12pm picked up better half, 12:15 got home cracked open a box of 24 Bud and went out into the garden to read the paper and there we stayed until, 3pm Decided to wash the dog (In the Garden!!), 8pm Came in from the garden feeling frazzled!!!! Sunday repeat minus the dog washing!! So as you can see the Garden has become my new best friend.

We were discussing today (In the garden) how it’s strange that when it’s hot and sunny we’re quite happy to sit in the garden doing absolutely nothing for hours at a time but if it was raining or not as warm there’s no way you would sit and do nothing for hours, I know I wouldn’t, I blame the Sun, The Sun changes everything!!!!!

It is only now past 8 O’clock at night again and only a matter of hours before the Monday Morning Blues kick in that I have kicked myself into gear to write something this weekend!!!

Loving The Sun!!!

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