Doesn’t Time Fly

My new view from our bedroom window!

I’m back people and I must say it doesn’t feel like it’s been nearly a month since I warned you all I would need to go radio silent due to the big move, which did not go as planned but we’re in now that’s all that matters, so people keep saying, I say, how do you sue a solicitor but that story is for another day! On a more positive note I’m now surrounded by the most inspiring scenery, I’ve seen my first barn owl that wasn’t in a book or on TV, in fact it likes to land on our back fence now and again!!! and I’m loving the rural life, I can’t wait to own chickens once the jungle of the garden has been sorted!!!

It’s very strange in this day and age not having the internet around all of a sudden, I mean I’ve been able to check my e-mails on my smart phone (modern technology amazes me!) but it hasn’t been the same to just sit down at the computer and surf. I do however find it disturbing how much we rely upon it, it has quite obviously become part of everyday life. We ended up using a family members computer so we could set up all our utility bills online for the new house. This was because it was the fastest way to do it, when we phoned these places you had to go through a zillion automated messages, press 1 for this press 3 for that by the time you’d finished punching in numbers you were left on hold for half an hour before you could speak to a human being, yet on the internet we’d set up all our utility bills in 20 mins. It’s almost like the company’s don’t want to speak to you anymore and set up all these barriers to force you to do it online!!

It wasn’t like I didn’t have plenty of distractions to deal with in my absent weeks from the blogging world, there was Wimbledon, where I cried when Andy Murray made it to the final and cried some more when he lost to Federer in the final. Yep I admit I cried at sports, is there a group I can attend for this??? Well there’s still the Olympics and next year’s Wimbledon!!

However as I set up this blog to promote/discuss my writing projects I guess the biggest thing I should share with you all is I now have a completed first draft of my sequel, granted it’s a little all over the place as first drafts tend to be!! but now I’ll just do what I always do put it away for a few weeks and go back to it with a fresh head ready to rip it to shreds!! I think the most difficult stage of any writing project is to be able to go over that completed first draft and be objective, I mean you’ve spent weeks and months creating this baby you’ve poured your entire soul into it and then when you re-read it in full you realise, actually chapter 6 is crap, I don’t like how that character got from A to B in chapter 12, why did I write character X into the story she has to go she’s useless and also to think about the reader as opposed to how you read it. I find this the hardest because its hard to get the balance between being a little cryptic to keep your audience intrigued and making it way to over complicated that it confuses your audience, alternatively you’ve dumbed it down so much you realise you’ve written a book for primary school kids!!!!! I’ve also managed to gather some great material for the book with extras idea I had a while back, I have several alternative endings I would like to try out so naturally they’ve all gone in the folder for that project.

Anyway, naturally now I’m back and I’ve finished my first draft, you can expect to see more posts ranting about similar things from the beginning of the year, I need to start thinking about cover design and most importantly who I can go to for editing this time around so I don’t get conned again as I did with The Break!

Happy Father’s Day…. Fix My Roof Please!!!

I know I’ve been AWOL for a while… Again! even my Mother said to me today “You haven’t blogged for ages Kerry” in that disapproving “Mum Tone”, I mean she even put my name at the end of the sentence, I hate it when people use your name at the end of a sentence it always makes the tone seem much more serious and believe me I don’t often do serious!!! So as I’ve been told off by my mother here I am!!!!

I would firstly like to point out even though I’ve been some what quiet on the blogging front I have not been completely lazy! Shortly after my last post/Rant! We finally had notice on a completion date for the house. So in a few short days we move in to our new home, oh my gosh we’re going to be home owners, how grown up! I can definitely say goodbye to my crazy, spontaneous days now!!! Anyway we have been frantically packing up the last of our belongs which always sounds easier to do than actually doing it, the reason being I found all my original drafts for The Break, I’m talking even before I decided to write a complete first draft or write detailed character bios, I’m talking random pieces of paper from about three years ago when I would jot down three or four paragraphs and say to myself “That would make a good plot twist, I’ll keep that to one side so i can use it one day” and then I would obviously lose it down the side of the couch or in a book my mad scientist better half was reading because it was suddenly a great idea to use it as a book mark!!! Anyway I would then have to stop packing to make sure this time I did put it somewhere safe as it is so becoming part of my novel with extras idea. Then knowing we now have little time before we move out, I wanted to get to a pretty safe place in my current project, the sequel to The Break, so when I went back to it I wouldn’t be completely lost. So trust me I have been working!!

So today is obviously Father’s Day and as I blogged about Mother’s Day it seems appropriate to only do the same about dear old Dad. So it was round to my parents house for Sunday lunch. Now, let me tell you Sunday lunches at my parents house are Amazing my mother cooks the most amazingly huge roast dinner, trust me, you have one of my Mother’s Sunday Lunches you don’t need to eat again until the following Sunday. So off we trot (actually I drove) to Ma & Pa’s. Now my dad is pretty chilled out so there we find him chilling on the decking when we arrive wearing a new top my sister had brought him, now being Father’s Day it should be a about Dad right? Wrong, it’s all about getting Dad to fix your flat roof on the utility of you new house, so out come the pictures, dimensions, material recommendations, what we need to get, when he can come over and fix it, what other cool things can he do in the new house, so naturally the least I could offer to do was take little sis to work so he could have a couple of beers with dinner!!!!

So as you can see amongst all the excitement of packing & writing and begging my dad to sort out our DIY issues I haven’t had the time to blog which seems a little crazy when I recently blogged about figuring out how to manage my time!!! But I should warn you I have no choice but to go radio silent for a while after today as we have yet to activate any sort of broadband at the new house so we will be without the internet for a couple of weeks, unless you count my phone but I don’t know about you guys but I find blogging on a mobile device just isn’t the same. Although no internet is probably going to send me insane, oh well it gives me and the better half a chance to continue our on going Scrabble championship, I believe it current score is Author 16 – Mad Scientist 19 so I am trailing at the minute maybe I can change that over two weeks!!!

WARNING: Today’s Post Will Be A Rant of Rampaging Rage….

I can see now why you don’t see any first time buyers on the property market anymore. It actually has nothing to do with the “Double Dip” recession, the problem is Solicitor’s. I would even go so far as to say our Solicitor has made Estate Agents (Re-named Hell Hounds, explanation here) look like Guardian Angels/Kind Samaritans/Heroes/Gods, you get the general picture! Since we had our offer accepted on the house we’re buying and instructed our solicitor to proceed we’ve been met with nothing but Brick Walls and silence, the word USELESS springs to mind frequently. I’m curious to know what the role of a conveyancing solicitor entails because so far ours has had two holidays in nine weeks. This brings me to my next question what do you pay extortionate rates for? I tried to work it out and managed to break it down to this:


Our Charges:

Cost [£]

For Your Purchase


For acting for your mortgage lender


No move no fee insurance







Communications(e-mails/correspondence etc)


To be able to transfer deposit for mortgage direct to their bank account


Holiday to theCaribbean


New Jimmy Choos


New Audi




Which roughly totals £33,900,  Ah Ha mystery solved we are actually secretly funding her social life because I can assure you we are not paying for her Amazing communication skills, advice and expertise. In fact she’s probably not even qualified and has achieve her first class qualifications from

On the plus side all this rage makes for great creative inspiration, the fact that I feel like I’m going to quadruple in size rip my clothing and turn bright green with rage every three minutes has created impressive progression for my current project, which is what I originally found when we had Estate Agent issues (Mentioned above) these characters make for great story arcs, incidentally the character I then based said Estate Agent on has since been killed off!!!!!

Disaster Recovery, Furniture And Sequels

Well the weekend is finally here, time for a nice, calm reflective moment, a plan of action is needed. When I set out on this little adventure I didn’t think a disaster recovery plan would need to be implemented so naturally I don’t have one but after my little rant on Wednesday and the kind words of support from you guys (Thank you for that) I’m working on a back up plan, I too hate reading a book with typo’s, my problem is I’m not in a financial situation to re-edit and put out a new edition at this moment in time but rest assured I’m working on a plan as I type, don’t write me off just yet!!

Also this weekend the new house/moving saga continues, all official stuff has now been instructed so we should soon have a date!! Next on the agenda is furniture as we have none to move in with, it’s kind of nice it’s like starting over having a blank canvas so to speak but as a date draws closer the urgency to actually have things like a bed grows!

Frantic furniture shopping and a back up editing plan are also at the moment over shadowing my second project which for those of you who’ve already read The Break will obviously now know it is a sequel, now to me sequel’s are really hit or miss but for the story I had planned it would never have fit in to one book, despite the grammatical errors missed by the incompetent editor I spent a lot of time before I even started to write The Break, detailing worlds and characters that it became to extensive not to continue with it. At the same time I’m interested to know how the reader thinks it should progress, I’ve read books in the past where I already know there’s a sequel in place and tend to think Oh I hope they do this with this character or kill this person off etc etc so if you’ve read The Break feel free to post some ideas about what you think will occur!

Now I can relax!

As previously discussed (See Blog “Day Of Rest“) Sunday’s are supposed to be for Chilling Out as are Bank Holiday’s (See Blog “Aren’t Bank Holiday’s Meant To Be Relaxing??“), so after all the excitment I finally get my lay in and Chill Out day, Happy Easter!

A day of good food, good drink!, good DVD’s and good video games, currently we’ve decided to reply Harry Potter Lego Years 5-7, LOVE it!! And this is all because of the madness of Good Friday, where I do belived we must have covered aroud 100 miles in total from one end of county to the other viewing houses but I’m happy to say I think we have  winner but having learnt from previous experience in the house buying adventure we will not be getting our hopes up!! Instead I will be focusing on the release of The Break and narrowing down a final date, at the moment it’s looking like either the 19th or the 26th of April so if you still have no idea what I’ve been chatting about for the last three months I suggest you start reading the back catalogue!!! Or head over to where you can read the first chapter or you can watch the trailer on YouTube!!

I’m kind of thankful it’s been a little crazy with the House Hunting and my Day Job because it’s managed to keep my mind occupied long enough to not go insane with the wait. I don’t know how these professionals do it, unless if you’re a professional author, you’re already use to the waiting and there’s probably no excitement left any longer. I hope not, I’d like to think if I ever went pro (Which I will still try to do read The Secret’s Out) then every book will be just as exciting and as much of an adventure as the first, unless of course people start burning your work in the streets!!!!!!!

Well just wanted to wish you all Happy Easter and continue to watch this space because we’re gonna have a real book out real soon!!!

Aren’t Bank Holiday’s Meant To Be Relaxing??

So The Easter Holidays are here! And for me it means my first full week off work since Christmas and it was supposed to be a nice happy relaxing week. It’s only a matter of Weeks until the release of The Break (OMG I’m releasing a Book!) and we were going to go furniture shopping ready to move in to our house but NO, that will not be the plan because the Hell Hounds (see Decisions, Decisions) called up on Tuesday to advise the seller is pulling out, so our Good Friday will not be Good at all and I will now be re-naming it Stressful Mad House Hunting Friday (OR SMHH) from here on in!! Yet as we are a firm believe of everything happens for a reason, I can’t really stay too angry about it (I think I’m trying to convince myself of this more than you guys!!!!)

On the plus side this whole experience has been great for my new little writing venture! I guess drawing on real life experience really does help, especially with the writers block, it’s not so much the experience or situation itself it’s more the emotions and reactions the situation provokes in people. Let’s take the Hell Hounds for example, they’re in a difficult situation by having to tell the buyers (Us) that the seller (Evil Wicked Witch) is pulling out but what do they do? they fill you full of complete and blatantly obvious BS which they have been doing now for two whole weeks. One of my Villains is now based on said Hell Hound for his blatant lack of respect and arrogance. Maybe my next writing project should be a “How not to get screwed over by estate agents whilst buying your first home”!!!

Anyway with all the house drama aside it’s still going to be pretty cool to have some decent time to sit and write and work on my new project whilst I’m waiting for The Break to go live across all formats so in the end the stress is always replaced with excitement!

The Ball Is Rolling

So you know those incredibly happy people, who walk around smiling all the time, who think everything is amazing and beautiful blah blah blah? Well I think I’m becoming one of them! I’ve gone from wanting to punch the above described type and being incredibly grumpy to grinning like a lunatic 24/7 and frankly it’s making my cheeks hurt.

You know people say the three most stressful things you’ll do is move house, get married and have kids, I’m going to add a fourth, publish a book and I’m going to tell you I’m currently in the process of doing two of these, Gee I bet you can’t guess which two by now! For those of you that are visiting for the first time it’s the house and the book!! Yes, I am a self confessed Nutter.

So what’s happy about being stressed? Well for one, the Hell Hounds (Estate agents!) came back with their tails between their legs, which means we got the house we wanted which equals celebration number one! And then my book went live on Amazon Kindle which clearly equals celebration number two! And despite the headache of formatting, proofreading, endless editing, crazy sleepless nights thinking how to tell your editor you’ve made yet more changes and they’ll need to read the infernal thing again, not to mention it’s bound to still contain errors that everyone missed so I’ll look like a complete Idiot, I’m still Ecstatic and despite, the crazy estate agent negotiations, depressing solicitors’ fees, having to sort out surveys and mortgages and loads of other stuff I haven’t a clue about, I’m STILL ecstatic.

I remember when I was younger and all grownups were so serious about everything, I vowed never to be like that but now I’m way too old for that and it’s weird because now I’m here, I’m loving the grown up stuff, I’m sure there’s people out there who’ve been like, “Buying a house? How ten years ago!” Well then you must surely remember the rush of your offer being accepted, meeting with your solicitor, making it official, getting the keys, (I’m going to be a nightmare when this happens!). As someone who is only at the beginning stages of this adventure I can tell you already it feels like it’s Christmas Eve everyday!!!! And that’s why I never wanted to grow up and do grown up things because I never wanted to lose that feeling of excitement, that every day is an adventure and it wasn’t that grownups were so serious it’s just that when we grow up our adventures change.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking “what about the book? She’s barely said anything about it. tell me about the book” Well people, I intend to, just not quite yet, I will start breaking out the balloons and party poppers, especially when we go live on ibooks and obviously we have the printed paperback, so watch this space for more info it’s coming soon!

Decisions, Decisions

I intensely dislike Decision making, there are three types of Decision making, the type that I make that effect me, the type I make that effect other people and the type that are made for me that I have no control over, like declining my offer on a house, then declining my raised offer on a house, personally I think this decision was manipulated by a third party, which would be the estate agent or as I have enjoyed re-naming them Hell Hounds. Third party manipulators should really be extinct by now I mean can’t people make decisions for themselves anymore, I thought the world had grown wise to the manipulative techniques of advertising and product placement and certainly to the transparent ways of sales people, clearly I’m mistaken.

I must confess I’m being incredibly hypercritical I hate decisions, actually I hate the decisions that affect other people, I don’t want the responsibility mainly because people never really want you to make decisions for them, they’re just being polite and the moment they get home they’re bitching about you to their partner, “Oh Kerry’s so bossy and demanding” so I just don’t do it I just sit there quietly and go with the flow, I’m not a boat rocker I’m a keep the peace kind of girl!

But this evening I find myself frustrated with different decisions, my bloody book cover, I’m on the seventh version and every time I think it’s perfect I’ll look at the finished article and decide I don’t like the font, then I can’t decide what font I do like, then I don’t like the title, now this is the first time in seven attempts I’ve decided I don’t like the title, Why? What on earth prompted me to make that decision, have I temporarily lost my mind? I wish, at least I’d have an explanation and in questioning the  title I question the image which leads me back to having to supply the designer with all new criteria, which means a whole new set of decisions, I HATE decisions and these are making my eyes googly and my head hurt. If you look up Decision Making in Wikipedia, amongst all the random science stuff is a sentence which says “Every decision making process produces a final choice” Are they serious? It just leads to more decisions and more choices, colours, fonts, sizes, images, text, where to put the bar code, why isn’t it simple? I thought putting an offer on a house was simple but No because the Hell Hounds play mind games with you which ultimately forces more choices and therefore you need to make more decisions but how do you know you’re making the right decision? How do I know that by telling the Hell Hounds to “Get lost you must be joking I’m not paying that” we haven’t just lost our dream home and how do I know by changing the title of my book and the cover image that my readers will hate it instead of love it?

I guess in the end decision making is about taking risks and taking risks are about living life. You should get yourself back on to Wikipedia and check out their definition of Risk and look out for the sentence “Almost any human endeavour carries some risk, but some are much more risky than others.” This made me chuckle, really No Way you don’t say but with all sarcasm aside it’s true, I’m taking a risk the moment I get up in the morning and I love it! So I will change the title and I may even change the image I may even get them all together and post them and you guys can decide either way I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy taking the risky decisions, give it a go you might surprise yourself, just don’t blame me if it back fires!!!

Valentine and Mortgages

Well I guess I’d be a complete idiot to miss a blogging opportunity like Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day, Bar Humbug! What a load of tripe. Now believe it or not I’m not one of those single cynics who can’t find love, so don’t believe in love and therefore the 14th February is the most depressing day of the year. I’m in a happy, healthy relationship of 7 years (I know I’m one of the lucky ones) but seriously people the 14th February is just another day, I used to rant that it was one of those days invented by greeting card manufactures to make money (Yes, I at one stage jumped on that band wagon!) I mean you have cards for everything nowadays, what happened to the good old fashioned days to celebrate, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas and maybe Valentine’s day 20 years ago when it really was still romantic? Now you can get cards from your pets! I’ve even seen congratulations on your divorce. Maybe, actually they should have a small promotion of those on February the 14th along with a few razor blades and some footstools and washing line!!! Next I’m going to start seeing “Congratulations on your new high Angry Birds Score”, “Well Done knocking out your boss”, “Good Luck with your Murder Trial” Seriously it’s getting a little ridiculous. Besides why do you need one day a year to spoil and tell that one special person in your life you love them, do you not tell them this every day? Have you not wondered past a shop window seen something you know you’re partner would love and spontaneously brought it to surprise him/her? True love is surely 24/7 365 days a year is it not?

We spent our Valentine’s Eve night consulting a Mortgage Broker, “How thrilling” you cry, I hear the sarcasm in your tone people. Now I must say I consider this quite well timed, how romantic can you get, purchasing your first home together, how sickenly cute, right? WRONG!! It’s one big headache after another and they want to know everything about you, How much you earn, Where you work? How long you have been in your current job? Do you have credit cards? Do you prefer Cadbury’s or Galaxy? What’s your Bra size? Bath or shower? and then it’s what sort of mortgage are you looking for? I Have NO IDEA that’s what you’re for. So at the end of our little consultation my tiny little pea size intellect has decided to think of types of Mortgages as an X factor audition, in my head I can hear Simon Cowell and his dream smashing tone “Interest Only you’re just not good enough to play in the big league’s I’m sorry but there it is” but wait a minute in walks Fixed “I like you, you have potential but you’re too consistent, you play it save week after week” And as Simon sighs because he believes he’ll never find his new pot of gold in walks Variable “You’ve really got something special, you’re different, you’re not afraid to change it up, I think I’ll take a risk with you, you’re through to the next stage” Now to me Different translates as Fickle, and when a professional thinks something isn’t good enough to play in the big league then people really should listen because it’s normally true and I want to know what’s wrong with being safe anyway? If I purchase a brand I like and know, it’s because I know it’s going to do its job well, why would I then spontaneously decide to try something new at a more expensive price, I like risks don’t get me wrong but the kind that involve jumping off bridges at the age of 15 in to the river with your mates, or going for that promotion that you know you’ll never get in a million years but what the hell. I think taking risks with your money and your future is incredibly stupid and a waste of time but hey that’s just me!!

So our Valentine’s will be spent being sensible and weighing up our options, oh there might be a glass of wine involved and yes I will conform and at least purchase a card!!!!