4 DAYS TO GO !!!

I’m back!! I know I’ve been a little quiet this week but we all know by now things are not as simple as you think they are, for example the mere act of switching on your Laptop. Dead easy right? Wrong! yesterday morning it decides it will not be turning on at all. So after frantically trying every which way imaginable to push a bloody button I’m about to attack the thing with a screwdriver when the better half sensibly suggests taking it to the repair centre at PC World. Now I hate these types of places because it’s quite apparent that they were only ever invented for one reason and it wasn’t to be genuinely helpful, it’s to rip you off! and suddenly I wish I’d chosen a career in computer technology but I know the mad scientist is right and 12 years of catering experience and 4 years of customer service is not going to fix the problem and the problem is a little more serious than the computer isn’t working, for one I’m trying to release a book, due out in just 4 Days not to mention I’ve already started work on my second project but luckily I backed up on Friday. The mad scientist however has not backed up for weeks so all of the other halves mad scientist projects are now in danger of being lost forever by some spotty 12 year old who enjoys bombarding you with technical jargon about how he made the situation worse not better! So against my better judgement we actually have no other choice because neither of us knows anything about computers!! We take the computer along and I’m not disappointed, guy who chats loads of Jargon at you, check, extortionate amount of money just to look at it and establish what the problem actually is, check, what we didn’t expect was in order to establish what the problem actually is they have to send it away for two and a half weeks, WHAT? I have a book out in 4 DAYS, two and a half weeks is not an option but it has to be we have no other alternative so we agreed, filled in the paper work paid the up front extortionate amount needed to discover the problem and now need to wait to see how much the actual problem will cost. Now we’re in a state of panic; book, mad scientist work, mortgage stuff for new house, photos, our lives revolve around our computer (On reflection this thought saddens me!) we need a back up plan! Well, as we were already stood in the middle of the computer store it wouldn’t hurt to browse, after all we were planning to get a whole new system once we moved!! In the end we decided we’d wait for that and instead purchased a cute little Notebook from which I now type! The excitement doesn’t end there, we came home to start sorting out the stuff we stored in the shed ready for the big move again this sounds simple?? Not for me, firstly we discover the start of a wasps nest forming in the ceiling of the shed, have you ever tried lifting heavy boxes in the tiniest shed in the universe whilst trying to avoid a wasps nest??? Let me tell you, don’t even try!! I have to say I managed one but only because after shifting that I uncovered something much worse, a family of spiders, not just any spiders, big, thick, fast ones, I swear daddy spider was as big as my hand and at one point he got on his mobile “Get ready kids scared human at 12 O’Clock”! I couldn’t go within ten feet of that shed after that, over come with irrational fear that made my legs tremble and sweat drip down my face (I’m such a wuss) after that I need to chill out before venturing over to my friends wedding reception, where she looked absolutely beautiful bless her.

So after a crazy Saturday I can finally sit down chill out and to let you guys know 4 DAYS TO GO until the release of The Break!!

An Uneventful Week

I know, I’ve been slacking this week, I normally post in the middle of the week and I haven’t. I don’t have any excuses as I could normally talk the hind legs off a horse or is it a donkey???!!! Either way I normally have some little anecdote to rant about but I have to admit, I’ve been a little boring this week and find I have nothing to neither rant about nor anything exciting to report. I’m still waiting for a final “Official” release date for the book, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be in April now!! Which is incredibly exciting and obviously I’ll let you guys know the moment I do and where to purchase from, (If you actually want to read it of course!!!) but I’ve been so busy in my day job this week that it has completely taken my mind off all the waiting and as I have the attention span of a small child this has actually been a good thing, the fact that I now have more grey hair however is completely irrelevant!! I’m still waiting for copies to be shipped to me so I can start sending my Press releases and if anybody has any ideas of media that you think would be interested in receiving one let me know I’ll add them to the list. I’m all out of possible marketing ideas to implement now as well so may result to my cats technique after all (See Day Of Rest)

I’ve actually been distracting myself with what spare time I’ve had this week with a new project, which is just as exciting right now but I won’t give you any details about it just yet. I feel like I’m cheating on my current project as we haven’t quite come to the end of our journey yet!!!

I have been thinking though, I need to surround myself with creative people, for example I could really do with having a good ol’ chat with an illustrator, I have some really good graphics ideas but I’m no graphic designer, in fact my artistic skills extend to stick men! I reckon I could probably teach myself with some fancy drawing/graphics/paint computer programme but oh my god, how expensive are they, WHY? Why is computer software so expensive? I’m not actually paying £800 for the programme, I’m paying £800 for the use of the brain of the person who designed it aren’t I. I’m so in the wrong profession if that’s the case!!! Or maybe I’ll just invest in one of those Dummies books, they must have something like, drawing for Dummies or become an amazing 21st century artist for Dummies or how to give up and employee someone to do it for you for Dummies!!! Maybe that can be my mission this weekend, to find out how to draw, that and Mother’s Day stuff! Watch this space if I’m brave enough I’ll post some practice runs!!!