I Am Alive, Honest!

Well happy 2014 to you all!

I know, we’re in May but it has been too long and I never wished you all Happy New Year as I did in 2013 so I thought it would be the best place to start!

I won’t bore you with excuses of my absence but suffice to say life interrupted me somewhat, some good, mostly bad and most definitely Concordia Book Cover v0.1difficult but I’m here now and as you can probably deduce from last night’s post entitled ‘Tease’ I am almost ready to bring you the sequel to The Break and yes I stuck with the working title, Concordia, it just seemed right.

Just to reassure you when I say almost ready I do mean it, I am currently working on the formatting for the Kindle version and as soon as that is complete you will have the finished product. I am toying with the idea of a Beta reader though just to make sure it’s as good as it can be, any volunteers?

Through my previous and first experience of self publishing I did learn a considerable amount, the main thing being my decision making process. Now I won’t bore you with any personal details but just to give you a little context last year I got a new job, a job which I fell into by necessity and was incredibly happy to realise it was a perfect fit, very me shall we say but what it has taught me and made me confront in new ways is the art of my decision making process (my previous decision making process was NEVER an art!). Now, from my first outing as a self published, indie writer I learned many lessons the hard way, one being my consistently ranted about mistake about skimping in areas that need the most attention. So this time I have invested properly in an editor as I do not want to be equally as devastated by the comments regarding the appalling grammatical errors in the first for which I may never forgive myself.

DecisionsMy new found decision making process has also lead me to consider my creative process, a process which changed half way through this book and which I will continue to future projects (Possibly Screenwriting, as it’s something I am keen to get back to).

One of the things which I have discussed before and hope someday to compile all of this information as part of my idea for Books with special features, is the soundtrack, I realised I wasn’t just using certain songs to write certain scenes or whole chapters but I had practically constructed a whole sound track which told the story in the same way as if you were reading it.

I am a massive lover of music, my collection is as diverse as me, (I have deduced I have a distinctive 6 personalities all with varying degrees of geek, normal and weirdness: Me, friends, family, work, strangers and people I haven’t seen for years and bump into in the street) . Anyway, I digress, as music-head-convertedalways; my point is, music is a distinctive part of my creative process, it moulds my imagination as much as that initial first idea. People have asked me, if The Break was ever made into a movie who would play the parts? I have to say just for the record one of the important things to me is, if it was ever a movie it would have to have the same soundtrack as when I wrote it (Not that this will ever occur!!). So as a challenge to you, my readers, if I was to ever revisit Annabel’s adventures and the world of Concordia, something I haven’t quite figured out is what would be the main characters theme tune. I have songs for situations and atmosphere but not people. So tell me what song suits their character.

Moving on from this, another decision I have taken for the sequel is, I will only be releasing on the Kindle, I have no immediate plans to release a paperback at this stage, it doesn’t mean I won’t it just means not right now. I love reading an actual book we have a room in our house just full of them but I am becoming ever intrigued by new media and technology and want to explore the possibilities it can offer.

So on that note I will leave you to ponder and hopefully eager await the release of Concordia. As always if you have any questions or want to comment please do contact me.

The Vulnerability Of Self Publishing

Ah, Wednesday, Blogging day, the thing that keeps me sane mid week when I’m too stressed at work and can’t wait for the weekend it holds me together!…That’s on a “Normal” week anyway, this week however is added stress; tomorrow The Break will have officially been out and live for a full 7 days. Now while this fact still brings me great happiness it also brings me a great Headache, Why you may ask because although I’ve had really positive feedback in regards to characters and story etc the editing of the work leaves much to be desired. I guess I only have myself to blame, you get what you pay for and all that jazz and as I was only just starting out I wanted someone cheap and cheerful but who knew what they were doing, this however would be a prime example of when Google has not been my friend. I think my editor had to have been on drugs whilst reading my material, I can see the reviews now, “After negotiating our way through the mountain of grammatical errors and meandering through lazy spelling mistakes we decided to give The Break zero out of 100…” needless to say said editor will be FIRED. I guess it’s hard to know what to do right when starting out and although I’d like to say this is a learning curve (which it is) it doesn’t change the fact that people would have already judged the book on the negatives, it’s human nature, I am ashamed to admit I do it myself, it just seems programmed in to us since birth, since the big flaming bang, we must focus on the negatives, the flaws of an individual. Why do we do that? Writing is personal enough what with baring your soul, along with a hidden cruelty or warped sadistic mind you’d been hiding for years without getting beat up about the little things that you thought had been taken care of, that you trusted someone to correct on your behalf. I blame myself for not doing that final check when it came back to me the final time when I was convinced nothing else needed doing because I’d already read it myself 500 times. I mean was this person secretly just out of school and needed quick cash to feed an actual drug habit? I’m starting to wonder if this individual could actually even read. Well one things for sure I will be hiring somebody on recommendation only next time regardless of cost, if I manage to now drum up enough interest for another book by yours truly that is.

So to those of you who haven’t published yet I say to you get an AMAZING Editor and to those of you who clearly already know what you’re doing, have you got any recommendations??

Here ends the angry ranting thanks for listening (well reading!!!)

It’s Here, We Are Live


Hello there fellow Blog readers! Today is the day, the release of my first fictional novel The Break, if you haven’t been a part of the journey and had the pleasure of my ramblings for the last three months then it’s a little project I’ve been working on for nearly two years, a project I decided to self publish in the end. A project which involved not only the writing of the story but the cover design, the proof reading, the editing, the formatting of both the paperback and eBook (nightmare!!), the promotion, the trailer (now loving this concept!) and loads of other little things that go on behind the scenes, all of which I can say with absolute certainty if I had traditionally published I would’ve took for granted! I’ve learned what works best and certainly what not to do in the future and yes there will be more in the future, I’m already working on a second project!!

So I guess all that’s left to say is Thank You to guys for all your support and please follow the following link which will tell you all you need to know about where to buy a copy of The Break

Oh and please feel free to retweet etc to spread the word!!!!