Book Trailers… Seriously?

So now the Car drama is over and Yes I did get the wing mirror fixed and no I didn’t do it myself my better half did!!! Anyway it’s now time to get back to business. The writing business!! Now, amongst all my research for a good marketing strategy and preparation for the release of The Break there is one thing that keeps flashing up everywhere and that I keep blatantly ignoring and trying to avoid and that would be the crazy notion of The Book Trailer. I remember seeing a book trailer on TV for the first time and my first thought was ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, why?’ But on further reflection my second thought was ‘What an interesting concept why isn’t everyone doing it’ and I kind of came to the conclusion that it’s a little odd to present imagery to the reader before they’ve read the book. I mean I enjoy reading because it’s my interpretation of the story and each reader takes out of a story what they will, what’s personal to them and their view of what’s significant and their own imagery, surely by presenting them with images of your own perception is manipulating your reader before they’ve even read your work. It’s different to movie trailers and obviously movies as a whole for that matter because we’re viewing that Directors interpretation of the script and there’s hardly ever any room for personal interpretation.

I have to admit though the concept of Book Trailers intrigues me still so I had a Google and found a few people who’d shared their experience of making such a trailer, now naturally my first reaction to the idea was Oh My God do I need to start casting actors and getting them to act out scenes from the book? I now chuckle at the idea! And the answer is certainly not, I typed Book Trailers in to You Tube’s search bar and trawled through the many listed from the amateur to the professional and found not one single actor in sight, which is probably good news as I doubt  Johnny Depp would’ve been available!!!  Now one of my many passions as a kid/teenager/young adult was film making, my first real shot at this was when I made a promotional video for a local education centre which they used to send to primary schools to promote what they did, I was seventeen at the time and I was all about the cinematography, I was always so excited about everything but unfortunately a passion which died once financial responsibility started and I needed to pay the bills!!! So now, I’m thinking why not relight that little film makers spark hidden away and experiment with a Book Trailer, I still think the idea is crazy but I’m all for crazy it’s all part of the adventure after all!!!!

An Uneventful Week

I know, I’ve been slacking this week, I normally post in the middle of the week and I haven’t. I don’t have any excuses as I could normally talk the hind legs off a horse or is it a donkey???!!! Either way I normally have some little anecdote to rant about but I have to admit, I’ve been a little boring this week and find I have nothing to neither rant about nor anything exciting to report. I’m still waiting for a final “Official” release date for the book, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be in April now!! Which is incredibly exciting and obviously I’ll let you guys know the moment I do and where to purchase from, (If you actually want to read it of course!!!) but I’ve been so busy in my day job this week that it has completely taken my mind off all the waiting and as I have the attention span of a small child this has actually been a good thing, the fact that I now have more grey hair however is completely irrelevant!! I’m still waiting for copies to be shipped to me so I can start sending my Press releases and if anybody has any ideas of media that you think would be interested in receiving one let me know I’ll add them to the list. I’m all out of possible marketing ideas to implement now as well so may result to my cats technique after all (See Day Of Rest)

I’ve actually been distracting myself with what spare time I’ve had this week with a new project, which is just as exciting right now but I won’t give you any details about it just yet. I feel like I’m cheating on my current project as we haven’t quite come to the end of our journey yet!!!

I have been thinking though, I need to surround myself with creative people, for example I could really do with having a good ol’ chat with an illustrator, I have some really good graphics ideas but I’m no graphic designer, in fact my artistic skills extend to stick men! I reckon I could probably teach myself with some fancy drawing/graphics/paint computer programme but oh my god, how expensive are they, WHY? Why is computer software so expensive? I’m not actually paying £800 for the programme, I’m paying £800 for the use of the brain of the person who designed it aren’t I. I’m so in the wrong profession if that’s the case!!! Or maybe I’ll just invest in one of those Dummies books, they must have something like, drawing for Dummies or become an amazing 21st century artist for Dummies or how to give up and employee someone to do it for you for Dummies!!! Maybe that can be my mission this weekend, to find out how to draw, that and Mother’s Day stuff! Watch this space if I’m brave enough I’ll post some practice runs!!!

Day Of Rest

Sunday, the day of rest… How wrong they are, there’s no rest here. As I continue my little adventure to become an author it is quite apparent that there will be no rest, which is fine as the end result is bound to be rewarding.

So yesterdays little outing was rather productive, I investigated book shops and purchased various magazines and general stuff to help me in my quest for good, cheap advertising ideas and then this morning I find out that I need to deal with some formatting issues for the ebook version of The Break. This sounded simple enough in theory but in fact it took me and my better half! around three hours, I now officially have square eyes but now at least all formatting errors have been corrected, I even popped a copy on my iPod touch it looks pretty cool well worth the time!!!

Meet Lillian The Attention Seeker

So now my waiting checklist looks something like this: Waiting for paperback to go live, waiting for ebook to go live, waiting for copies of paperback to send with press packs and in the meantime I’m trying to give this Facebook fan page malarkey a go. Maybe it’s my age but so far I think I’m making it all a lot more complicated than it needs to be and unless I’m going mad I’m sure Facebook pages never used to look like this one does at the moment, so I’m either doing something drastically wrong or they have actually up dated something or other!!!

What’s also annoying is one of my cats keeps trying to get my attention by Vogueing, she does this quite often, couldn’t tell you why it’s not like she doesn’t get spoilt rotten but as her technique seems to work I’ve been trying to think of ways to adapt it for book advertising purposes but I’m pretty sure if I started rolling around on the floor I will either be committed or arrested so this will be a last resort!!

No Blossom here!

Although I have needed to question my sanity a few times this weekend, it’s amazing how wrapped up in the whole book process I’ve been. Only today I realised there was blossom on the trees, how long has blossom been out? last time I paid any attention there was snow on the ground! I think whilst researching for the best marketing ideas I also need to set aside some time to start doing real things again before I become a third Tron movie!!!!!

Marketing Minefield

So it’s the weekend again and it seems the madness never stops my book is complete just waiting for the finished article to be delivered but now the fun really begins. Now it’s time for Marketing!!!

Clearly a strategy is need, I now have a completed press pack but they can’t go anywhere yet until copies of the book arrive to send with them, I have you guys and the world of Twitter but I have no real strategy or structure. I love the unknown!

I’d like to think I was a bit of an expert  on “winging it” but all of a sudden I know that’s not quite good enough, I’m going for professional here and professionals aren’t allowed to “Wing it”, Are they????

I’d love to sit down with some of the greats, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, you know the sort and just ask “So chaps let’s talk marketing, where do you start?”. Where do you start indeed, I guess I should know my audience, do a few surveys or something constructive??? If I was at work (at my day job) I’d know exactly where to start, what to say, what to suggest but this is a whole new territory and a little bit more personal, you don’t want to get it wrong but you don’t know how to get it right? So my strategy for this weekend is going to be research.

I find myself awake at a ridiculously stupid hour for a Saturday morning so I’m going to make the most of it, I’m off out on a field trip to as many different book shops as I can’t find. This of course will be the ideal excuse to buy loads of new books to read and make up for lost reading time!

So this post is short and sweet today guys but I’ll keep you updated on my findings by updating this post  a little later!! Wish me luck in my research adventure today and if you have any really groovy ideas for low budget book marketing then trust me I’m all ears (Well you can have my good ear at least!!!!!)