Happy Father’s Day…. Fix My Roof Please!!!

I know I’ve been AWOL for a while… Again! even my Mother said to me today “You haven’t blogged for ages Kerry” in that disapproving “Mum Tone”, I mean she even put my name at the end of the sentence, I hate it when people use your name at the end of a sentence it always makes the tone seem much more serious and believe me I don’t often do serious!!! So as I’ve been told off by my mother here I am!!!!

I would firstly like to point out even though I’ve been some what quiet on the blogging front I have not been completely lazy! Shortly after my last post/Rant! We finally had notice on a completion date for the house. So in a few short days we move in to our new home, oh my gosh we’re going to be home owners, how grown up! I can definitely say goodbye to my crazy, spontaneous days now!!! Anyway we have been frantically packing up the last of our belongs which always sounds easier to do than actually doing it, the reason being I found all my original drafts for The Break, I’m talking even before I decided to write a complete first draft or write detailed character bios, I’m talking random pieces of paper from about three years ago when I would jot down three or four paragraphs and say to myself “That would make a good plot twist, I’ll keep that to one side so i can use it one day” and then I would obviously lose it down the side of the couch or in a book my mad scientist better half was reading because it was suddenly a great idea to use it as a book mark!!! Anyway I would then have to stop packing to make sure this time I did put it somewhere safe as it is so becoming part of my novel with extras idea. Then knowing we now have little time before we move out, I wanted to get to a pretty safe place in my current project, the sequel to The Break, so when I went back to it I wouldn’t be completely lost. So trust me I have been working!!

So today is obviously Father’s Day and as I blogged about Mother’s Day it seems appropriate to only do the same about dear old Dad. So it was round to my parents house for Sunday lunch. Now, let me tell you Sunday lunches at my parents house are Amazing my mother cooks the most amazingly huge roast dinner, trust me, you have one of my Mother’s Sunday Lunches you don’t need to eat again until the following Sunday. So off we trot (actually I drove) to Ma & Pa’s. Now my dad is pretty chilled out so there we find him chilling on the decking when we arrive wearing a new top my sister had brought him, now being Father’s Day it should be a about Dad right? Wrong, it’s all about getting Dad to fix your flat roof on the utility of you new house, so out come the pictures, dimensions, material recommendations, what we need to get, when he can come over and fix it, what other cool things can he do in the new house, so naturally the least I could offer to do was take little sis to work so he could have a couple of beers with dinner!!!!

So as you can see amongst all the excitement of packing & writing and begging my dad to sort out our DIY issues I haven’t had the time to blog which seems a little crazy when I recently blogged about figuring out how to manage my time!!! But I should warn you I have no choice but to go radio silent for a while after today as we have yet to activate any sort of broadband at the new house so we will be without the internet for a couple of weeks, unless you count my phone but I don’t know about you guys but I find blogging on a mobile device just isn’t the same. Although no internet is probably going to send me insane, oh well it gives me and the better half a chance to continue our on going Scrabble championship, I believe it current score is Author 16 – Mad Scientist 19 so I am trailing at the minute maybe I can change that over two weeks!!!

Who????What book????

I know I’ve been a little radio silent this last week I won’t bore you with the details but it’s been MENTAL!!!!

Needless to say because of my crazy week there hasn’t been much time for writing but I have to say taking a break from my current project has been some what refreshing. I never really understood authors who get books out really quickly one after the other but I think, especially now, it’s easy to feel like you should rush a second book. Not intentionally rush it because there’s a particular demand for it but because you can get so caught up in its momentum and in the excitement of wanting to complete the story, do you know what I mean? As you know by now there is a sequel on the horizon to The Break and I have already been asked by a few people when can they expect it but after my little week of no writing I’ve decided I’m going to take my time with it, I’d like to develop my characters in to memorable people and that won’t happen if all I’m focused on is how quickly I can finish.

Everyone has characters that stay with them, when I was little and was naughty my mother would tell me I was as naughty as Amelia Jane from the Enid Blyton books (I loved those books) as a teenager it was all about The Hardy Boys or the Point Horror series and through my 20’s there were too many to keep count but every book I read at least one character would stay with me, someone to relate to, someone you could compare others to, when my sister was little she was so Hermoine Granger it used to freak me out! You could have the most amazing narrative with the most surprising twists but if your characters are boring then it doesn’t even matter.

So if my little break has taught me anything, it’s taught me to look more closely at my characters, it’s not that I ignored this key element to story telling in my first book but because of the nature of the story these people are thrown together pretty quickly and have to deal with the situation the best way they know how but now the sequel will show them, hopefully in a little more depth and explain why they behaved the way they did in the beginning…… Well that’s the plan!!!