The Fun Never Stops… Or Was That Stress??

I’ve had the most amazing reaction to The Break since we went live on Thursday, so Thank You very much for all your support and to those who have purchased a copy on Paperback and on eBook/Kindle and if you still haven’t got a copy go check out where you can acquire one here!!

So you’d think with all the hard work that goes into writing and self publishing a book by the time it goes Live you can just kick back, relax with a nice bottle of Bordeaux maybe treat yourself and order some Chinese food, go on holiday etc etc. Let me set the record straight, NO, NO You Can’t!! There’s still publicity to consider, how’s a girl meant to get a fantasy fictional novel exposure?? I guess we have several options here, local press, national press, flyers, posters, give aways, selling your soul the usual sort of stuff really!! But how do you stand out from the crowd? When do you begin to become too pushy, when you’ve set up your tent outside a major national newspaper and refuse to move until they’ve read your book and published a five star review (Now there’s a thought)!! Or do you simply give it some time let the work gather it’s own momentum and see where it takes you?? If you do this how long should you leave it before you start making more of an effort a week, a month, six months?

Truthfully, I think the answer to all of the above questions is, nobody knows what’s best, you’ve just got to do what’s right for you. As you know I made up press release packs which were sent with an advanced readers copy of the book to various places but ultimately it’s down to them if they decided to run it, or part of it or none of it, you can’t control that decision making process all you can do is put your work out there and get it on the map and find a way of doing that which suits you. I’d love every follower to Retweet the links to my Blogs (Hint!!!) But again ultimately that decision belongs to them I have no control over that, which is fine because this is all one big learning curve and I will find a way to get that exposure but I would just like to share to anybody who thinks you can put your book out there and your contribution stops guess again, the hard work well never stop now you’ve started that ball rolling, it’s keep the ball rolling that’s going to cause blood, sweat and tears.

Marketing Minefield

So it’s the weekend again and it seems the madness never stops my book is complete just waiting for the finished article to be delivered but now the fun really begins. Now it’s time for Marketing!!!

Clearly a strategy is need, I now have a completed press pack but they can’t go anywhere yet until copies of the book arrive to send with them, I have you guys and the world of Twitter but I have no real strategy or structure. I love the unknown!

I’d like to think I was a bit of an expert  on “winging it” but all of a sudden I know that’s not quite good enough, I’m going for professional here and professionals aren’t allowed to “Wing it”, Are they????

I’d love to sit down with some of the greats, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, you know the sort and just ask “So chaps let’s talk marketing, where do you start?”. Where do you start indeed, I guess I should know my audience, do a few surveys or something constructive??? If I was at work (at my day job) I’d know exactly where to start, what to say, what to suggest but this is a whole new territory and a little bit more personal, you don’t want to get it wrong but you don’t know how to get it right? So my strategy for this weekend is going to be research.

I find myself awake at a ridiculously stupid hour for a Saturday morning so I’m going to make the most of it, I’m off out on a field trip to as many different book shops as I can’t find. This of course will be the ideal excuse to buy loads of new books to read and make up for lost reading time!

So this post is short and sweet today guys but I’ll keep you updated on my findings by updating this post  a little later!! Wish me luck in my research adventure today and if you have any really groovy ideas for low budget book marketing then trust me I’m all ears (Well you can have my good ear at least!!!!!)